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    We don't only photograph the major tournaments!

    If you are playing during a Power or Premier League weekend and would like us to photograph for you, be sure to check out our calendar! We'll be updating this page for each weekend that we photograph. The location may vary - however, we can offer our best prices when you are playing in the Sacramento area (e.g., @the Grounds) because that is our home.

    As long as we are not booked photographing a larger, out of region tournament we would be happy to come out to photograph for you. Our pricing for these local Power League weekends will be our lower local event pricing, which makes this a great way to get great photos and save some money!

    We have tried to provide as much information on our site as possible, but if you have questions about our services, how to sign up, what package might best, etc., please don't hesitate to contact us!

    A little bit about us ...

    As volleyball photographers, we travel all over the country (particularly the Western U.S.) during the club volleyball season. We bring with us a large tournament booth and staff. We photograph the action — parents and athletes are able to view photos on any of our 45+ viewing computers. Right at the booth, you can choose favorites, order prints, design posters and books! Our staff are always happy to help, or to hang back and let you do your thing!

    Because these tournaments are so large, we photograph by request. To be photographed, familes sign up for us to photograph their athlete or team. This way we can best manage our resources and get photographers to courts with families who are most interested in what we have to offer.

    Signing up for photos is very easy to do — in fact, you can do it right here on the website before the event, or at the event booth during the tournament.

    Some of our work ...

    There's no better way to know what to expect of us that to have a look at work that we've created. Below is a collection of finished prints and collages from a variety of the many events we have photographed.

    We have a wide range of products — prints, collages, mugs, books, digital files … if you don't see it, ask us about it and we may be able to produce it for you! Our goal is to produce the highest quality work possible — we hope it shows! To give you a clear idea of what to expect, all of this work is from the tournament. You are welcome to view more in our galleries. There is a lot more there!

    A High Speed/Slow Motion Coverage

    A coverage that encompasses still images and video! This specialized coverage that will let you see volleyball as never before!

    For years, we've been asked if we provide video services, but we've always been a photography studio that specialized in still photography. Capturing a full match video uses different equipment and a completely different approach compared to photographing individual peak action moments in a match.

    However, we are now able to offer a specialty coverage that provides both stills and video from the same set of images.

    This coverage will be photographed the same way our coverages normally are - with focus on each touch/action as individual moments to be captured. Each moment will be composed, tracked and photographed individually. However, these moments will be captured at 120 frames per second!

    The perfect coverage for building your athlete's highlight/skills reel.

    If you are in the process of collecting video for your athlete's highlight or skills reel to be shared with recruiters, this is the perfect coverage type! Unlike an overall video of a match, this coverage still provides intense, focused images just like our stills always have, but they can be used for slow motion video!

    Rather than having to crop into a small portion of the frame of a full court video, this results in incredibly clear action focused on your athlete.

    See the action at a detail level not possible before.

    This type of coverage allows you to see the evolution of a moment (pass, set, hit, etc.) in greater detail than ever before. A single hit may result in a sequence of images such as the following ...

    (Tip: click an image to enlarge, then hold down the right and left arrow keys to "play" the sequence back and forth!)

    Combine the moments into a beautiful highlight reel!

    The resulting images can then be combined for the creation of beautiful slow motion video clips.

    The following highlight reel from the 2022 NCVA Sierra National Qualifier is made of these types of clips. Each moment was photographed at 120 frames per second. Those frames were then combined into individual video files, which were finally imported into a video editing software to create the video.

    The High Speed Coverage includes all of the individual images, as well as each moment's video file. You can then use these clips to build your own videos!

    Time is getting short ... Don't wait to sign up!

    If you would like photographs taken at the , please do not wait to sign up. Because I will be the the only photographer present, the number of available sign ups will be limited.

    Further, to make sure I can deliver as high quality product as possible and because you can't see the photos on site, I'm going to be leaving room in my schedule so that I can photograph more for each coverage than I usually would. That means I will likely be taking no more than 20 signups for the entire weekend. So don't wait!

    If you have questions about the coverages, please get in touch and I'll get back to you as soon as possible with an answer!

    Photography Packages

    Because there will be no viewing/ordering booth at the tournament, each of these coverages is a pre-purchased package, meaning that — at a minimum — you will receive all photographs taken as part of your coverage as printable resolution digital files.

    Package Pricing

    Package pricing is based on the length of the coverage selected and the product included with the package, not on the number of images. Whether you choose a coverage that is exclusive to your athlete or decide to share a coverage amongst several families, the price is the same based on the length of the coverage. For examples, a one match coverage with digital files is the same price for an individual athlete as it is to be split between five athletes. Likewise, a one match high speed coverage with digital files and video is the same price for an individual athletes as it is if it is split between athletes.

    We know that this pandemic has been hard on many and we've worked to reduce our costs to the bare minimum and pass the savings on to you!

    Save by sharing your request!

    If you don't feel you need a full exclusive coverage of your athlete, considering sharing one of our Team/Group requests with other parents on the team. This is a great way to get great photos and save money.

    To share amongst families, the minimum package is a Full Match coverage. Photographing a full match allows for a much better chance of getting great images of each of the requested athletes.

    When splitting a Team/Group request, we request no more than five athletes included in the split, otherwise and additional set or match will be required to make sure we can get a good number of images of each athlete.


    Are you interested in signing up, but have questions? I'm happy to help!


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