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We've got more than 30 years experience as team photographers — and are happy working indoors or out. We can keep it small with a few lights, or bring an entire studio setup to make gorgeous team & portraits. Whatever it takes!

We've been making beautiful team photos for more than 20 years (in fact, my first job as a professional photographer when I was a teenager in highschool was working with a local team photographer).

We're just as happy working indoors or out. If you're a high school or college team and want to feature your home gymnasium - great! But we're just as happy working outdoors — which always presents a new and interesting challenge.

We also offer studio style portraits — we bring the studio to you. Whether the photos feature something like a classic grey background, or we go with a greenscreen to create a completely different look, our goal is to produce team photos you love!

We aim to produce the highest quality portrait we can, while also keeping our photos as affordable as possible. Prices vary depending on the style of photo (some — such as the greenscreen style — require much more work that others and are priced differently). If you are looking for a particular type of team photo, be sure to get in touch and we can discuss your needs and pricing options.

Working with Us

Our goal is to bring great value and benefit to every club and family we work with. There is no cost to the club to have us photograph, we rely on high quality products to generate interest and purchases from families.

We want not only our photos and products to stand out, but the entire experience of working with us. We work to keep things as simple as possible for clubs while providing the most value to clubs and families. If you like what you see, but think we're too far away to come out, please get in touch! We travel regularly and are happy to coordinate with clubs regardless of distance.

Club Benefits

There is no cost to the club to have us out to photograph.

When working with us, we are happy to provide club with digital files of each team, coach and athlete photographed for use on the club website, social media and in recruiting materials.

Additionally, when parents of the club sign up for action photography at one of the tournaments we photograph, share a selection of those images with the club for use on their club website and in social posts.

Best Price on Action Coverages

For clubs who wish to sign up for action coverages of their teams directly, we offer our best rates. (Our lowest club rates are offered early in the season or during league weekend dates).

Parent Benefits

Aside from beautiful photography and high quality products, we also offer a discount on our tournament action photography (these can be coverages exclusive to an athlete or general for the team) for each family who purchases a team photo package with us.

Photo Prices

We work to keep our packages as affordable as possible. They have not seen a price increase in the last five years. Currently, our packages start at $35. We're happy to answer any questions parents may have and customize our offerings to help ensure parents are able to get what they want. See below for links to our products and a downloadable order form.

Before Photography

When engaging us as your team photographer, we ask only a few things to help make the experience successful for everyone:

  • Rosters with athlete first & last names, jersey number and coaches name well before photo day so that we start preparing photo backgrounds, etc. This allows processing after photography to progress quickly.
  • Emails from the club to families to inform them of the date time and location of photos. Several of these emails may be needed to make sure busy parents don't forget!
  • A notice on the club website with a link to the photo order form and our Team Products page so that parents have a clear idea of what we offer.
  • A safe location in which to photograph — if photographing inside an athletic facility while practive is occuring, we just need enough clear space to keep us from being pelted!

Day of Photography

We bring out a full set of samples, additional order forms, pens, banners with pose suggestions, etc. as well as several staff to make sure the photography goes smoothly and quickly and parents are able to get their questions answered and place their orders.

  • It takes an hour to and hour and a half to setup samples, admin and ordering, lights and background. For that we will need access to the facility well before the first team is to arrive to photograph.
  • Access to power for our flashes. We've got plenty of extension cord length — we just need to know where the plugs are!
  • A coach or parent who can act as "Cat Herder in Chief" to assist by gathering the next team to photograph so that they are ready to go. This crucial step allows photograph to progress very rapdily!
  • After photography, we usually need about 45 minutes to fully teardown, pack and get our things out of the facility.

Team Products

We offer a wide range of fun products for our team photos, check them out!

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A few examples ...

Here is a small collection of some of our recent work. If you would like to see more, please head over to our Galleries.


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