Our Collages

Collages are a wonderful way to showcase the many aspects of volleyball in a single composition — a collection of images arranged into an attractive, balanced layout and printed as a single photographic image. They are one of our most popular product types. We have collage layouts and variations in many styles — ranging from 3 images all the way up to 20! Some styles are structured and others are more free form. There is sure to be a collage style that appeals to you.

Layouts - lots of 'em!

We've created a range of layouts suited to most anyone's preferences. Choose from a 3 Image layout, or go in for a 20 image layout that really lets you show off the sport!

We're open to suggestions for new layouts — we're always looking for inspiration.

Customizeable - make your collage as unique as you are!

We've custom written our own design software to allow us to create a fast, flexible, easy to use designer for our collages. This includes many options for adjusting the look of the final collage to your preferences including: Background Colors/Images, Border Colors and custom collage Looks (variations on a basic layout to accomodate the images you choose).

At an event, it's very simple to make a collage, just a few simple steps:

It's very easy & fun, and our staff are happy to help you through the process!

Backgrounds & Background Colors

Many collages feature customizable background images or background colors — you can pick a favorite color or use hues from the team uniform to really bring things together.

Border Colors & Border Shadows/Glow

In addition to customizing backgrounds, you can also customize the border around images as well as the shadow/glow color and amount for thet image. This gives you further options for really tying the color palette of the overall collage together.

Layout Variations

Many of our collages feature variations to their basic layout to accomodate different looks. Some collages are reversible, others allow for an image or images to change from portrait to horizontal orientations, etc. Below are examples of a number of looks for one of our most popular collages. As you can see border color, background image, text position, image orientation can be adjusted. Which adjustments are available varies depending on the collage layout selected.

This makes for great variety in the finished collage.


Our prints are output as genuine photographic prints and can be purchased in a variety of finishes — some ready for hanging with no need for a frame.

Standard Finish

Our Standard Finish is a classic, genuine, high quality photographic print in a semi-gloss surface. This finish has vivid colors, great detail and a thick photographic paper base. It's a classic portrait print type.


This is a Standard Finish print which has been heat mounted to an acid free mounting board. This gives it rigidity and a great "weighty" feel. You can display mounted print on a simple desktop easel, by propping it up on a shelf or by framing it. We recommend mounting for all prints 11x14 and larger.

Metallic Prints

This are photographic prints on a special, high gloss paper. This paper features a reflective base and a beautiful gloss — saturated colors really jump off of the print and the reflective base offers a bit of a 3D dimensional feel to the print.

Mounted Metallic

Mounted Metallic prints are the same as Mounted prints, but rather than using the classic semi-lustre paper, they feature the use of the high gloss, high saturation Metallic paper.

Classic Canvas

This is a Standard Finish print which is specially prepared by lifting the image portion off of its resin backing and pressure adhering it to a canvas substrate. This is then stretched on canvas stretcher bars. The result is a gorgeous print with canvas texture, ready for framing. This is a classic presentation and does not feature a wrap around image — naked canvas and mounting staples are visible around the edges. We highly recommend framing this product.


This print is actually made using a special non-photographic process & is actually printed on a sheet of aluminum. With extremely high gloss, highly saturated colors and wonderful "pop", these prints really stand-out. Metal prints come with a "float mount" — that is they have mounting equipment right on the back of them. They will hang on the wall — floating off by about an inch, creating a wonderful "floating in mid-air" presentation.


Want to see some finished collages? We've made thousands of them over the years — here are some galleries of our recent work.

Collage Galleries