Team Products

We offer a wide variety of products for our team photo customers. This includes collages, individual portraits, buttons, mugs, magnets, blankets and more!

Indoors or Out

We are happy to work indoors or outdoors (asssuming weather permits and we can find a good looking location!). Because team photos for club volleyball are most often taken during the Winter months, we most often work indoors. However, we have included samples of some of our outdoor work as well!

Team & Individual Collages

We offer a range of styles of team collages which we update with club colors and club logo (if made available to us) for each club we work with. How the team and athletes are photographed determines the style of Team & Individual collages we produce.

Individual Prints & Posters

We offer a range of enlargements in sizes from wallet prints, to 5x7s to 12x18 or 16x24 posters. All of our images are individually retouched to produce the most beautiful results.

Buddy Photos

We always love taking a fun buddy photo with two or more friends!

Shadow Boxes

An 8x10 print mounted in a lovely shadow box frame, ready to hang! These frames are an excellent way to display your team or individual photos.


Our ceramic mugs are a very popular offering. Featuring a collage (2 or 5 Image) printed right on their sides, the make wondeful gifts and are often ordered as add-ons to collage packages.


Wear your athlete with pride! Our buttons start as a genuine photograph before being made into a 3" circular button.


A family favorite - these are beautiful photographic prints which are then placed on a magnet backing. Magnets come in sizes of wall (2.5x3.5 inches), 5x7 and 8x10!

Hinged Prints

A great desktop display item — a collection of up to 4 wallet sized prints mounted on a hinged, accordion style backing.


50x60 or 60x80 inch, beautiful fleece blankets. These blankets are great items to add to ca family entertainment or sports room! These are also great items for teams to use in their tournament camping area to mark their spaces. These blankets can feature just your team photo or your Team & Individual collage.


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